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Professional Activity Log

As part of your application for academic promotion, you will be asked to submit materials that document your academic and professional activities inside and outside of the department. For example, you will need to list teaching, supervision, and mentoring responsibilities in your Columbia format Curriculum Vitae (CV) and for senior promotions, in the Department of Psychiatry Service Activity Report. Your Division Chief may also discuss these activities in his/her letter nominating you for promotion.

Examples of activities to consider are:

          Committee membership
           Presentations at professional meetings
           Special training
           Hospital lectures and case conferences
           Hospital teaching sessions


Because activities can be easily forgotten from year to year, one method of keeping track of them over time is with an Activity Diary – a continuously updated log of what you’ve done. Although you will likely have your own thoughts about how to organize a log, below is a suggested template with some examples of the types of entries you might include.

You may download and modify the template in Excel format here.


activity log picture

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