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This part of the website describes resources for faculty professional  development including: workshops on career development and specific career related  skills, professional organizations and committees,  specialized resources for subgroups of faculty, reading materials and online resources.

A brief description of each of the five sections is given below. You can also go directly to each section by clicking on the titles below or in the righthand bar.

Resource Guide by Area of Interest

The Resource Guide is an annotated list of different types of career development resources within and outside of Columbia organized by area of interest.

To see an overview of this section click here


Administration and Leadership

Clinical Care



Women Faculty

Minority Faculty


Resources at Columbia 

Several Columbia offices sponsor professional development program, To see brief descriptions of these offices and their programs click here.


Helpful Career Development Strategies

Specific helpful things you can do to help you move forward including important things to do in preparing for promotion application. Click here to see more.



This section includes PDF files of relevant articles (e.g. mentoring, time management, etc.). Click here to see more.

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