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Helpful Career Development Strategies

Joining Committees

Serving on committees within the Columbia Department of Psychiatry and on committees of professional organizations offers the chance to both learn about and demonstrate leadership through working with colleagues from our department, the region and nationwide. Committees cover a broad range of group, regional and national issues related to the practice and administration of psychiatry. Administrative policies that impact your work life often originate in committees. As a committee member, you may have the opportunity to play a role in shaping these policies.

Committee work also offers an important avenue for forming relationships with colleagues. Co-committee members here at Columbia can become mentors. Co-committee members from professional organizations can be a resource for the referees you will need in order to be promoted beyond the rank of Assistant Professor. (More about the promotion process here).

Committee Chair Persons generally appoint members, often based on recommendations from other members and colleagues. Becoming aware of the scope of committees that exist can be your first step towards positioning yourself for committee membership.


Committees at NYSPI

Pharmacy & Drug Monitoring Meeting                                  Chair: Elizabeth Lequesne

This committee reviews the PI formulary, medication recalls and errors. It also has the responsibility for updating policies and procedures as related to pharmaceuticals and handling all Quality Assurance issues related to the pharmacy and medication production and dispensing.


Information Management/Medical Records Committee             Chair: David Hellerstein

This committee reviews, develops and coordinates the NYSPI and Columbia Psychiatry departmental websites, the system for electronic medical records and acts as the liaison to the NYSPI  information technology (IT) department.


Medical Staff Executive Committee                                   Chair: Mary Bongiovi-Garcia

This committee represents the medical staff of NYSPI and as such reviews all clinical divisions, clinical appointments, medical staff bylaws and policies and procedures pertaining to medical staff.


Ethics Advisory Board                                         Chairs: Paul Appelbaum/Kelli Harding

The Ethics Advisory Board is charged with overseeing the development of policies related to conflicts of interests of faculty and staff in the Department of Psychiatry. The Board provides consultation to faculty members and advises the Chair and the Medical Director of the Office of Mental Health on faculty and staff relationships with the pharmaceutical and device industries.


Clinical Leadership Committee                                                 Chair: David Lowenthal

This committee is composed of the directors of the multidisciplinary clinical and clinical research services. The Committee reviews all issues related to the clinical operation of NYSPI  including topics such as: policies and procedures for clinical care, accreditation and certification readiness, staffing and resource management.


Quality Improvement/ Risk Management             Chairs: Amy Bennett-Staub

This committee reviews and carries out CQI projects, has oversight of audit and certification preparation, reviews all clinical incidents and makes recommendations for risk management.


Infection Control Committee                                                               

This committee monitors and implement health and infection related events, dispenses vaccinations, provides health education and participates in medical emergencies.


Environment of Care Committee               Chairs:  Peter Reynolds/ Amy Bennett-Staub

This committee monitors and makes recommendations about environmental issues and infrastructure at NYSPI including: safety department, animal care, engineering and grounds maintenance, housekeeping and other support programs.  This committee is also the liaison to the CU Environmental Health and Safety committee.          


Education & Training Committee                                           Chair: Sandra Rosenblum

This committee has oversight of staff education including state CME, state required trainings and individual certifications.  


Emergency Management                                                          Chair: Claire Holderness

This committee develops and monitors emergency response protocols and is the liaison to Columbia / NY Presbyterian Hospital for emergency response procedures.


Space Committee                                                                            Chair: Stuart Linder

This committee makes recommendations to the director about space allocation and use at the NYSPI  Pardes and  Kolb Annex  buildings.


Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC)                        

This committee’s responsibilities include monitoring, reporting and approval of protocols involving the care and use of non-human animals involved in research.


Institutional Review Board (IRB)                               

This committee is an institution-based ethics review board that provides prior review and approval, as well as ongoing monitoring of research with “human subjects.”  The IRB promotes an institution’s application of the core ethical principles related to protection of  research participants and supports compliance with federal, state, and local research regulations


Selected External Committees

Committe on Early Career Psychiatrists, American Psychiatric Association

The Committee on Early Career Psychiatrists serves as a liaison between the APA and its members who are within their first seven years of training.  Among other activities, the committee advocates for the participation of early career psychiatrists (ECPs) in the APA and contributes to APA activities that relate to the professional development of ECPs.


Committees of the New York State Psychiatric Association (NYSA)

The NYSA is the Area II Affiliate of the APA and has numerous committees covering a broad range of interests including addiction, child and adolescent psychiatry, public psychiatry and ethics. For a list of NYSA committees, click here.


Committee on Early Career Psychologists (CECP), American Psychological Association

The CECP represents the interests of psychologists both within and outside of the American Psychological Association (APA).  It has published a professional development brochure, Building Bridges Brochure: Opportunities for Learning, Networking and Leadership designed to help early career psychologists become involved in the APA’s governance and policy activities.  It also holds a session at the APA’s annual meeting.


& American Association of Community Psychiatrists (AACP)
The AAPA and the AACP are support resources for faculty interested in administrative and community psychiatry careers. The New York Regional Chapter of the AAPA & AACP is an active group that holds and annual meeting and is run largely by graduates of NYSPI’s Public Psychiatry Fellowship Program. A list of AACP committees can be seen here.


Committees of the Post Doctorate Leaders Section of the Group on Graduate Research Education and Training (GREAT), AAMC

The Post Doctorate Leaders Section of the AAMC’s GREAT Group has a number of committees that offer senior faculty the opportunity to work with national leaders in postdoctoral training and biomedical research. A list of the committees can be found here.

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