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Resource Guide by Area of Interest

The Resource Guide provides information that may be helpful in the development of your career over time. The programs and activities listed here can be used in a number of ways, including to sharpen work-related skills, to enrich your work experience and to improve your chances for academic promotion.


What you'll find here

This guide includes a wide range of resources such as training programs, workshops and seminars, leads for finding research funding, programs and offices within and outside of Columbia, listserves, and links to the career development-related sections of large websites like those of the American Association of Medical Colleges, NIH, NIMH and both APA's .

A number of professional organizations are also described. Participation in organizations and their committees can be particularly helpful in developing collegial and mentoring relationships outside of the Columbia community – an important requisite for academic promotion beyond the Assistant level. In addition, involvement in organizations and committees can serve as one method for learning about the operation of systems in psychiatric clinical care and research, public mental health and academic psychiatry. And the annual meetings of most organizations are an opportunity to join workshops and trainings targeted to your interests.


How it's organized

The resource listings are divided into the six sections listed below. Click on the headings below to go directly to the section.


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