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Helpful Career Development Strategies

Planning Your Promotion Application:
Important Things To Do

For many faculty academic promotion is an important part of career development. Here are descriptions of some specific strategies that may be helpful in both planning for, and preparing your application.

Learn about the promotion process and academic titles

It’s helpful to understand in advance how the promotion process works and what you will need to have accomplished in order to be considered for the different academic titles. You can read about this in the Promotion Process and the Academic Titles sections of this website. If you have questions speak with your supervisor or email the Psychiatry Faculty Affairs Office. Click here for our contact information.


Talk about your career development with your Mentor, Division Chief and/or Supervisor

It’s helpful to meet with your mentor or supervisor to discuss your overall career plans. A meeting like this will help you to: 1) clarify your goals; and, 2) find out what you will need to accomplish to achieve them. Many of the steps in career development take time (e.g. finding a more senior job opportunity; publishing a paper). Planning in advance is a good idea.


Keep a record of your professional activities

In the context of busy and hectic daily lives it is easy to lose track of some of the things you have done (e.g. a lecture you gave, a symposium you chaired, a committee you were a member of). Promotions are based on professional accomplishments, so it is important to have a detailed record. Click here for more about keeping a “professional” diary.


Establish a professional reputation outside of the department

Senior promotions (Associate Professor and Professor) require evidence of a national (Associate) or international (Professor) professional reputation, including letters from colleagues outside our department whose academic rank is at or above the level to which you are seeking promotion. Committee memberships, collaborative projects, and organizing or participating in symposia at professional meetings are all good ways to develop professional relationships and begin to establish a reputation outside our department. To see the criteria for extra-departmental references required for specific promotions click here and then go to the title you are interested in . Click here to see actual Application materials. To see more about Committee membership click here. To see some professional organizations listed by area of interest, click here

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