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Office of Faculty Affairs - Appointments and Promotions

The Promotion Process

Getting Started

In the Department of Psychiatry there is a review process that takes place before you submit your application for a promotion.

The first step toward a promotion is usually a discussion and review of your CV with your mentor or supervisor. If your  supervisor agrees that you are eligible, the next  step is to obtain your Division Chief’s approval.  Only Division Chiefs can nominate faculty for promotion. 

If your  Division Chief approves, s/he will  ask you to prepare a  CV following  the COAP format
(see Application Materials) to submit for a review by Dr. Ehrhardt, the Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs and Chair of COAP.  Once this approval is received you can begin the promotion process.

Choosing a title:
Promotion nominations propose promotion  from one specific academic title to another. Click here for more about the process of title selection. See Academic Titles for descriptions of the  types of academic  titles.

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