Office of Faculty Affairs


The Promotion Process

Choosing a Title

  • The decision about which academic title you are requesting is usually made during the initial discussions that take place between you, your supervisor and Division Chief. 
  • The Department offers several different types of academic appointments. It may be helpful to read about these options (Academic Titles) and to use the preliminary review process to discuss with your mentor, supervisor, or Division Chief which option best suits your professional goals.
  • When a Division Chief formally nominates a candidate s/he most often suggests a title in the Nomination Letter.
  • Dr. Ehrhardt (Vice Chair for Academic Affairs) and Marguerite Salen (Administrator for Academic Affairs) review the nomination during the informal review.  Dr. Ehrhardt may seek input from other senior faculty.
  • Upon conclusion of this pre-review, Dr. Ehrhardt determines the track and title, with approval by the Department Chairman, based on the candidate’s relative emphasis in the fields of: research, administration, clinical care or teaching.

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